Monday, July 20, 2009

Friend Makin’ Monday

Jolanthe from No Ordinary Moments is filling in as host for "Friend Makin’ friend makin monday for post Monday" today as Kasey @ All That is Good is on vacation with her family. If you need a quick update on the rules and such, you can go here. You can link up at the end of this post with the direct link to your post for Friend Makin' Monday.
Today task ~ VACATIONS!!

This task has two parts. You can do either one or both ~ it's up to you!
1. Tell us about the best {or worst} vacation that you've ever taken.
2. Tell us FIVE places/vacations that you would like to take at some point your life. It doesn't have to be next year...maybe it's the vacation of a lifetime or somewhere you just dream of going years from now.


My five dream vacations:

1. Madagascar

Map of Africa highlighting Madagascar

2. The Great Barrier Reef


3. Rome & Venice

Venice Italy

4. New Zealand


5. Scotland


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  1. You will have some amazing travels...those are great places. I love the picture of the Barrier Reef.

  2. All beautiful places I would love to visit too!

  3. I forgot abour New Zealand. Since the first time I saw "Lord of the Rings" I have always wanted to visit there. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. okay I'm like drooling over these pictures! I need to add some of your trips to my list :-)

  5. Thanks for the pictures.....makes it so much more real!

    Happy FMM!

  6. Hey there! Welcome to FMM! I loved Rome- the history was amazing!!!


  7. Love the pics - they make me want to leave Right Now!!! For any of those places!!!

  8. Oh that picture of New Zealand is amazing!!!!!! Love your list!!!

  9. Wow! Happy FMM! I love all the pics! Beautiful! The pic of New Zealand is amazing! Who would'nt want to visit there?

  10. Those pics look amazing! I hope you get to visit them all. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy FMM!!

  11. Ooh, I would so love to go to all those places!

  12. Hello there! I loved your FMM list! Madagascar sounds fabulous and Scotland would be so cool. Have you ever read the Outlander books they are all set in Scotland in the 1700's. They are my favorite series.


  13. Venice is on my list too! Never thought about Madagascar. That would be fun too.