Thursday, October 15, 2009

The package has arrived!

My package from Amelia’s Soap Co. arrived today! :) I just couldn’t wait to get the scissors so I ripped the envelope open.DSC05188_copyThat green paper you see on the picture said that there will be three soaps, but I was just expecting one. Do you want to see what was in that package??DSC05189I really love these little Thank You!!! stickers she uses to seal the soaps.DSC05204   And her Thank You notes are so sweet :)DSC05213And now to the little packages.  DSC05194
I got Island Mist and Refreshment Soaps.DSC05193
Face Polish and Soap. Love how it’s packed :)DSC05202
Sweet Island Delight Lip Balm. It smells like Tutti-Frutti candies. DSC05206
If you whish to try these things, go and visit Amelia's Soap Co. Etsy shop. She has really great prices! ;)

Thank you, Janet! I really love all the things you sent me :)


  1. Fun! I love getting packages in the mail! I really want to get some soaps. I think I might do a little xmas shopping in Janet's shop!

  2. Janet Amelia says ...

    Ave, I am so happy you like your bath and beauty products from Amelia's Soap Co.!! It made me soooooo happy to send them to one of my most favorite people. :) It has been a joy to read your blog ... it is fabulous!! How could it be otherwise .... as it is created by an outstanding and fantastic person!! Thank you so much!! Janet Amelia of Amelia's Soap Co.