Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great Week!

I have had a super great week so far :)

I have won three giveaways. I never win, and now, 3 things at the same week :)

* Rotating header from Adori Graphics - you`ll see it soon ;) If you want to win something for your blog too, go and check the October Giveaway or get some really great scrapbooking kits for your Halloween blog makeover.

* Rikkianne´s Chakra Pennywhistle dish towel from Phydelle.

* A book called "Gift of an Ordinary Day" from Lollypops & Lizards.

Thank you all for the great gifts!

And I´m having really great time at Las Palmas :)


  1. WOW! Congratulations! You won some WONDERFUL items!

  2. You should let me know how that book is after you read it!

  3. Wow! It must have been in the water that week. I won THREE giveaways, too! I LOVE those dishtowels.

    Thanks for visiting me at B.Inspired Mama!