Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have you noticed ...

that it´s only 57 days (hope I counted right) until Christmas!

I thought that my blog needs a little Christmas makeover and Louise from Adori Graphics was happy to help me out with it. You`ll see my mini makeover around December.

I just saw, that she has some slots left for Christmas makeovers so if you would like to have a little makeover, let her know. But be quick, cause she really does amazing designs and the slots are filling up fast!

 (Btw, this is not my blog makeover, it´s a sample from Louise´s blog)


  1. I like your makeover. I'll give thought to having them do something for me.

  2. I DO like your makeover idea and checked out Adori. They are very reasonable. I think I'll do it. Thanks for the tip Ave

  3. Can't wait to see your blog but I'm not ready for Christmas to come yet!

  4. Can't wait to see your makeover! And thanks for reminding me how many more days there are until christmas! I need to get busy.