Sunday, February 28, 2010

Treasure Thursday – Scrubz Giveaway (4 winners) *CLOSED*

I know it comes late, but here it is, this week’s Treasure Thursday!


Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc., Inc.  is a company, that sells all natural skin care products. You can find Scrubz, Oliz and Butterz on their web page.


We all know, that exfoliation becomes more important when you age. The skin is constantly generating new skin cells and sending them to the surface. However, as time goes on, the process of cell turnover decreases, and the skin can start to look drier and less glowing.

And here’s the time for Scrubz to make an entrance.  Scrubz is a 4 body products in 1! It’s a body scrub/cleanser, facial scrub, pre-shave/shaving oil and a moisturizer too. It gently polishes skin, exfoliates using natural sugar, cleanses without soap, protects and moisturizes skin, prepares skin for shaving & replaces traditional shaving creams.


You know what? Scrubz contains eight different oils:

* coconut-supreme, olive and Vitamin E oils, which are known to reduce or even cure eczema and psoriasis;

*canola and jojoba oil which protect skin from environment;

* Aloe Vera, grape seed and soybean oil that de-stress, repair and tighten skin.

Oil based scrubs focus on skin treatment and rejuvenation, first with natural exfoliation and then with nourishment, using natural oils and emollients. Scrub products also help to emphasize the holistic approach of de-stressing and relaxation, along with skin conditioning.

I had a chance to try their Warm Vanilla scented Scrubz.  It’s the best smelling package I have ever received. I could smell the Vanilla scent even before I opened the package :) Have to admit that when I opened the jar, I had big wishes to eat it. It just looked so delicious! 


I used Scrubz as a body scrub and pre shave/shaving oil for my legs. It is really easy to use and it leaves my body so soft and smooth. It contains no alcohol, no artificial preservatives, no artificial color. And I really love, that the jars are packaged with a mixing scoop and ready for gift giving.


Scrubz is giving away $15.00 gift certificates to 4 winners to buy merchandise from their site.  All entrants will receive 15% off discount code by email from Scrubz.

This time, I’ll try a different way to enter to the giveaway You just have to fill in the questionnaire with your answers. No comments this time :)


* You have to be Made In Canarias follower via Google Friend Connect to enter the giveaway!

* winner of the giveaway will be chosen on March 6th;

* winner has 24 hours to answer my email or new winner will be drawn.

*Remember, you have to be Made In Canarias follower via Google Friend Connect to enter the giveaway!*

Here’s how to enter:

Good luck!


  1. Wow! this was really neat! How do you do this? If only all giveaways were done like this.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    ( If you can send me an email on how to do this, that would be wonderful! When I hit my 100th post, I would love to do this questionnaire format! It is so much easier!)

  2. I like this entry form. You are so on top of things Ave.

  3. LOVE that entry system. Makes it SO easy to do what you have to do.