Monday, August 31, 2009

Want to join the Adori Graphics team?

Louise from Adori Graphics is searching for a second designer. At the moment she is doing all the work herself. She does amazing job with the blogs. She has designed my beautiful blog and a lot of other blogs, buttons, awards etc. Believe it or not, but she is doing the blog makeovers FREE of charge.


Adori Graphics specialize in producing good quality, free makeovers for authors of Blogger blogs - and also small scale custom jobs (buttons etc) and free backgrounds/headers. An emphasis is placed on encouraging people to use writing/blogging as a form of therapy and make-over requests from such people are treated as a priority and carried out under the name of the sister blog “Write from the heart”.

Louise told me, that even somebody who doesn't really know anything and wants to get trained up would be fine. You just need to have a graphics package that supports layers and also some good design skills. Its not even essential that you know how to install graphics as she can do that until you pick it up. She can provide you with sizes etc so all you'd need to do is design the elements that go into a blog makeover.

She is  more than happy to train somebody up so long as you have at least a basic understanding of how your graphics software works. Its a good opportunity really for somebody who wants to learn more about blog customization or even just learning about project management and deadlines.

The work is on an “as required” basis and would suit a hobbyist or somebody who has a good grounding but is looking to improve their experience. As our service is free to the customer, the work is also unpaid.

If you are interested then please contact her for further details.

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  1. Thanks Ave...fingers crossed this works...I need sleep LOL