Thursday, January 13, 2011

Treasure Thursday – Savvycents *CLOSED*

ttSin título-1Melinda Claudepierre - President and creator of Savvycents is a stay-at-home mom of three kids and has been married to Jon for thirteen years. She is a former teacher. Savvycents was first formed in January of 2009 after Melinda Claudpierre read a book about becoming debt free and following the cash envelope system of budgeting.
Today I will talk about my new wallet from Savvycents. First, I have to tell, that I’m in love with it. It’s the best wallet I have ever had! It contains everything you need to organize your budget. With the great file system you can separate different things you keep on your wallet (coupons, receipts, money, etc.)
sideviewthumb Savvycents wallet comes with file cards where you can label each category with their pre-printed labels. There are also blank labels where you can customize your wallet based on your personal categories. It also has 6 pockets for different credit and discount cards. On the opposite side there is a place for your driver’s license and a place for your checkbook.
wallet labels2sm It also has a coin pocket located on the backside of the wallet. The Savvycents coupon wallet is not only a functional organizer but also fashionable. The wallet is only 8" x 4", but can hold a lot of things you need for budgeting.
Savvycents is giving away pink or black wallet to one of my reader!
* You have to be Made In Canarias follower via Google Friend Connect to enter the giveaway!
* winner of the giveaway will be chosen on January 27th;
* winner has 24 hours to answer my email or new winner will be drawn.
*Remember, you have to be Made In Canarias follower via Google Friend Connect to enter the giveaway!*
Here’s how to enter:
* Mandatory entry: please visit Savvycents. Have a look at her wallets and let me know which color would you choose. 

Good luck!